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Divorce Settlement Agreement Example

March 17, 2018

To Whom It May Concern
This letter has been written with the agreement of both
divorce parties, (Wife Name) and (Husband Name), who will
henceforth in this document be referred to as Party One and
Party Two, respectively.
This letter is to outline the following terms and conditions to
be put in place, after this divorce agreement is signed, until
the further foreseeable time, unless needed to be changed
following a new law, or the betterment of both parties, or the
betterment of their shared children:
1) All debts have been discussed and mutually absolved
within both parties and
2) Both parties will avoid any action that may harm the
image of the other party in the eyes of their shared children,
including verbal or physical acts.
3) The Property which is still in the name of the original
party since before entering the marriage will remain in that
party’s name as if the marriage did not occur. Any property
bought after the marriage