Free divorce agreement 23Free divorce agreement 23Free divorce agreement 23
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Notes about your agreement which begins on page 3

Your agreement is written in plain English with much of the legal jargon removed
Boxes are used so it is easy to fill-in-the-blanks.
You have the right to use this legal document for its intended purpose.
You do not have the right to distribute it.
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Is it legal?
Yes, although this simplified document does not have legal sounding words, when signed and witnessed by any adult the
agreement becomes legal and binding.
Does it need to be signed by a lawyer?
Your agreement is a domestic contract which does not need to be created or signed by a lawyer, or notarized.
If someone tries to tell you that your agreement is not valid then
please see
Do I need to register the agreement someplace?
No, you keep on file for future reference. One day an authority like the divorce court, mortgage holder or you