Free distribution agreement 42Free distribution agreement 42Free distribution agreement 42
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This term sheet between Supplier and the Distributor when agreed and
signed shall become part of the distributorship agreement. The purpose
of the term sheet is to grant the Distributor rights and benefits own a
business and sell in the territory under the agreed terms and
Distributor Name: ________________________________________________________________
Address of Distributor____________________________________________________________

1. Product
1.1. NanoSmart BulbsTM or NanoSmart Light BulbsTM
1.2. NanoSmart Bulb PlusTM or NanoSmart Light Bulb PlusTM
1.3. NanoSmart bulbs fixtures and accessories (Optional)
1.4. Recycling services (Optional)
2. Territory
2.1. Territory:
2.2. DISTRIBUTOR covenants and agrees to purchase the Product for its own account exclusively
from SUPPLIER and to market, distribute and sell such Product only