Free distribution agreement 17Free distribution agreement 17Free distribution agreement 17
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INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS: This sample agreement assumes a certain fact scenario and is not
meant to be representative of, or intended to create standards for, every possible agreement
whereby the owner of an interactive new media property grants the distribution rights to a distributor.
Indeed there are very few precedents or industry standards for the distribution of new media projects
like the interactive new media property described below, which is an interactive adaptation based on
a television program that is designed to enhance and add value to the program. In fact, many
producers who apply to the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund don’t enter into a separate
distribution agreement with a distributor, but rather sometimes add provisions dealing with the
distribution of the new media project directly into their Co-Production Agreements. Sometimes the
distributor is added as a third co-production partner in exchange for a distribution cash advance to
assist with