Free Demand Letter Template 20Free Demand Letter Template 20
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[Second Demand Letter]
[To be placed on your headed paper]

[Name of Debtor]
[Address of Debtor]

[Date of Letter]

Re: Outstanding Debt of € [Insert Amount]


Dear [Mr/Ms Surname of Debtor],
We refer to our letter to you of [insert date]. You will note that the sum of €[Amount
Due] is due by you. This amount is now outstanding more than 104 days.
We would like to draw it to your attention that we have now commenced our legal
Debt Collection procedure in respect of your case and we will pursue the amount due by
you together with legal costs until settled in full.
It is strongly in your interests to avoid the additional expense and embarrassment of
a court appearance. We strongly advise you to take this opportunity to reach an
amicable solution.
Please now pay the sum of €[Amount Due] due by you immediately and return it to
us by return of post [in the attached addressed envelope].
Yours faithfully,

NB: When we instruct solicitors to ligate on our behalf, we pursue