Free Demand Letter Template 19
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Example Letter of Demand for employees
Mr John Employer
Smiths Furniture Pty Ltd
Eden Street

Ms Sue Worker
2 Victoria Street 12
ph 9123 4567

Dear Mr Employer
Payment of salary: Bob Worker, employee no. 123456
I commenced permanent full-time employment with your company on [date] 2004 as a
Before I started work, we agreed that I would be paid an hourly rate of $20.00 for the first 38
hours of work performed during ordinary working hours. We also agreed that I would be paid
$30.00 per hour for overtime work and work done on Saturdays.
Since the commencement of my employment, in addition to working my 38 hours every
week, I have worked every Saturday and I have done a large amount of overtime. In
summary, the additional hours I have worked are as follows:
Week 1 – Saturday – 6 hours, overtime - 2 hours.
Week 2 – Saturday – 7 hours, overtime - 8 hours.
Week 3 – Saturday – 4 hours, overtime - 4 hours.
Week 4 – Saturday – 8 hours, overtime -