Free Demand Letter Template 10Free Demand Letter Template 10Free Demand Letter Template 10
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Form 1
Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985: Section 7(1)(d)

Warning to person Receiving Demand

Please do not ignore this form

If you do nothing in response to this demand, you
could be made bankrupt and your property and
goods taken away from you. Please read
carefully this Demand and Notes for Debtors.

If you are in any doubt about what to do, you
should seek advice immediately from a solicitor,
insolvency practitioner, money adviser or a
Citizens Advice Bureau.

Notes for Creditors
This form must be served personally on the
debtor by a sheriff officer or messenger-at-arms.
An additional copy of the Demand should also be
given to the debtor at the same time.

The Demand

Insert name and address of debtor

To _________________________________

Insert name and address of creditor