Free Demand Letter Template 12
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Name of Payor
Address on Check
Re: Demand for Payment of Returned Check
This letter is written pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 6-21.3. On (date) , you made and delivered to (school
School a check payable to this school containing your name and address in the sum of
$__________, drawn upon (bank or institution) , account # ______________. We compared your
name, address, and signature on the check with the information on file in our school records and the
signature on the check appears to be genuine. Also, we have received no information this was a stolen
check. If that is the circumstance, please notify me immediately. The check has been dishonored by the
bank for the following reasons (as checked): [ ] insufficient funds in the account; [ ] Account closed; [
] Payment stopped; or [ ] Account non-existent.
We hereby give you notice to rectify any bank error or other error in connection with the transaction and
to pay the face value of the check, plus the f