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Name of Payor
Address on Check

Re: Second Notice and Demand for Payment of Returned Check
On (date) , we informed you we received a check payable to this school containing your name and
address in the sum of $__________, drawn upon (bank or institution) , account # ______________.
This check contained identification information which was used to identify you as the maker of the check.
Also, we have received no information this was a stolen check. If that is the circumstance, please notify
me immediately. The check has been dishonored by the bank for the following reasons (as checked): [ ]
insufficient funds in the account; [ ] Account closed; [ ] Payment stopped; or [ ] Account non-existent.
We notified you of your responsibility for the face value of the check ($__________), plus the fees
authorized under N.C.G.S. § 25-3-506 ($25.00) for a total amount due of $__________. Thirty days
have passed since the mailing of the initial notification letter, a