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Pat Smith
56 Money Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15226
(724) 555-6712
[email protected]
Joe Owe
75 Debt Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
(412) 555-2176
[email protected]
21 June 2010
Dear Mr. Owe:
As you know, the Judge awarded me $2,000 at the Small Claims Court hearing on 20 May 2010. This
letter is an attempt to collect that debt. The judgment has been recorded and needs to be paid. I would
like the amount to be paid no later than 21 July 2010. If you are unable to make that payment, I would
be willing to make payment arrangements with you so that the debt could be paid in four monthly $500
payments. The last payment would then be due on 21 October 2010.
If you do not make the 21 July payment, do not sign the payment arrangement attachment to this letter,
or do not respond to this communication in any way; I will take further action, including garnishments,
necessary to collect the $2,000 awarded to me in court.
I will expect a r