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D: Client appeared withdrawn and guarded when in the group. He reported feeling sad and
“feeling down since my bike accident.” He stated “I don’t believe in treatment, but I’ll give it a
try as long as I have help with the cravings.” He recently started on Suboxone and reports
improved but ongoing cravings, as well as fear of relapse. Client appeared uncertain towards
group treatment but was engaged in the Suboxone portion of the treatment plan. He reported
ongoing pain from his bike accident.
A: When the client participated in group, he appeared withdrawn and guarded. He was able to
engage in the group process with the help of the counselor and reported having difficulties with
triggers, saying, “that’s why I never stopped using.” Patient reported being fearful of relapse due
to strong cravings, but stated “I feel better being on Suboxone, it makes the cravings more
manageable.” Patient identified two triggers such as, “seeing the scars from my accident” and
“being around o