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Client reported feeling depressed, but not suicidal, since his bike accident and stated “I didn’t care if I
was sad with the pills or smack.” He stated, “I don’t believe in treatment, but I’ll give it a try as long as I
have help with the cravings.” He reported being fearful of relapse due to strong cravings, but stated “I
feel better being on Suboxone, it makes the cravings more manageable.” He reported residual pain from
his bike accident.

Opioid use: post-withdrawal. Overall, Mr. Doe appears engaged in SUD treatment at this time. He still has
strong cravings and is fearful of relapse, but appears to be responding to Suboxone. Unclear if higher
dose is necessary – will coordinate with Suboxone prescriber. He continues to report depressive and pain
symptoms and would benefit from further mental and physical health follow up, respectively.

Substance Use - Client will continue IOP and MAT as prescribed. He agreed to attend at least 1 Narcotics
Anonymous meeting at le