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D (DATA)– Counselor/clinician records what the client says Mr. Smith states that his cravings for heroin
are still strong, and “about 6 times a day” he still thinks about leaving residential SUD treatment and
going to his old neighborhood to score drugs (Dimension 5 – relapse risk information, objective measure
for monitoring progress). Mr. Smith states that after 5 weeks, he’s finally “comfortable “speaking in group
and believes that treatment is helping (Dimension 4 & 5 – client progress). He wants to stay clean from
heroin, and believes he’s “better”, but still says, “I’m not strong enough; I still can’t stop thinking about
the feeling of using and still have trouble getting it out of my head” (Dimension 4 & 5 – statement that
speaks to justification for continued LOC). But overall, he states that he’s “getting better” because during
the last visit with his wife, he said that for the first time he apologized for “giving her grief” and they had
a good visit (Addresses