Free dap notes 09Free dap notes 09Free dap notes 09
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DAP (Data, Assessment, Plan), and look at how we
could pare down a long note...
Here is a note for our hypothetical client, Maya. We'll look at each section
separately to see what things we can take out.
First, let's check out the Data section:
Long Version: Client arrived five minutes late to session. She looked
really stressed and was in her workout clothes. I offered her water and had
her sit down. Reminded her of the mindfulness exercises we reviewed last
week and asked how she did with practicing them over the last week. She
talked about difficulty concentrating and about how her son kept
interrupting her so he could get help with homework. She asked her
mother to help him but she was busy as well. Client spent much of the
session making excuses for why she probably won’t be able to implement
the exercises at home. She then started talking about wanting to go on a
“girls’ retreat” for the weekend with some friends and how it’s the only
thing that helps her feel better these days.