Free dap notes 08Free dap notes 08Free dap notes 08
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"D" - Subjective and objective data about the client
Subjective - what client can say or feel
Objective - observable, behavioral by therapist
Standard I ' sentence, progress on presenting problem, review of
HW Description of both the content and process of the session
"A" - Intervention, assessment -what's going on?
Working hypotheses, gut hunches
"Depression appears improved this week"
"more resistant ... less involved... "
"P" - Response or revision
What you're going to do about it
Next session date-"couple will call in four weeks"
Any topics to be covered in next session(s), and HW given
1/27/97 (D)Met with Sally and Joe for one hour, 4' session, V. Thomas supervised. Joe reported that he was sleeping
less and able to concentrate more at work, but does not think it is due to starting Prozac two weeks ago. Both Sally
and Joe report and increase in the frequency and effectiveness of their communication due to their "speaker-listener"
HW. Sally stated th