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Disclaimer & Copyright Notice
The Ymor Group manages various websites. This Disclaimer & Copyright Notice is applicable to all websites that
are managed under the Ymor Group, including,,, etc. The individual
websites are designated in this document as ‘the/this website’.
By making use of this website, you agree to this Disclaimer & Copyright Notice. If you do not
agree to this, you may not use this website and you must cease using it immediately.
The Ymor Group is established at Ptolemaeuslaan 70, in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and is registered in the
Handelsregister KvK (Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce) under number 30201739. Dutch law is
applicable to this disclaimer and Internet site.
Intellectual property and copyright
The copyright on the information on these Internet sites lies with the Ymor Group, unless stated otherwise. The
Ymor Group retains all rights to its own logos, photos, brand names, texts and domain names relating to t