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Copyright Notice
Photocopying, Scanning and Digital
Re-use under the CLA Education Licence

This establishment holds a licence with The Copyright Licensing Agency
Ltd (CLA) that, subject to terms and conditions, permits the copying and
re-use of extracts of text and still images.
What does the Licence cover?

Who can make copies?
Photocopies may be made by any member of
staff of this establishment, and any students
under the direction of such staff

The Licence covers most printed books, journals
and magazines published in the UK, plus many
published overseas and many digital publications.


Digital Copies (whether made by scanning from print or
copying from digital publications) may be made by staff
of this establishment who have authorised access to
the establishment’s Secure Network, and students
under the direction of such staff; such students must
also have authorised access to the Secure Network.

Some titles are not covered by the Education Licence.
You can check whether a