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This Agreement for Employment is made on this _____ day of _______, ___,
by and between _________________________, "Employer"and
________________________________, "Employee.
The Employer shall employ Employee subject to the following terms and
1. Employment for the above Employee shall commence on ___________
2. The following duties and responsibilities shall be competently performed by
the Employee:

In addition to the duties stated above, the Employee shall perform such further
and other duties required by the Employer.
3. The Employee shall work _______ through _______ from ____ A.M. to
____ P.M. and such additional hours as are required by the Employer for the
Employee to competently perform the duties of his position. The Employee
shall use his or her best efforts on behalf of the Employer.
4. The Employee shall comply with all stated standards of performance,
policies, rules, and regulations. A company manual containing a more
complete ex