Free Contract Template 07Free Contract Template 07Free Contract Template 07
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Direct employment

Sample contract of employment (full time or part time
Refer to Direct employment resource guide:

Chapter 4. Appointing your support worker(s)

Please note: This ‘skeleton’ employment contract has been produced as a guide only. It contains the
typical sub-headings that appear in an employment contract, with a brief explanation of the content that
would normally be included within those sub-headings. It is recommend that you seek legal advice on
what your employment contract should contain to ensure that it is comprehensive, legally compliant with
relevant legislation and modern awards, legally binding and suitably tailored to your circumstances.
Private and confidential
[Insert employee’s full name]
[Insert employee’s residential address]
Dear [insert name]
Letter of employment
I am pleased to offer you employment in the position of [insert position title] with me (‘the employer’) on the
terms and conditions set out in this letter.
1. Position
Your s