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Process for Requesting a LAB Contract Amendment
* These instructions are for when the Materials Lab is the Principal investigator of a Research
-Principal Investigator Instructions1. Initiate the process to request a contract amendment as soon as you realize an amendment is
needed, but no later than eight weeks prior to the contract expiration date. Examples of when an
amendment is necessary include: time extensions, scope or work changes, task completion date
alterations, budget revisions or transitions in principal or co-investigator(s).
2. Work with the assigned Project Coordinator and Technical Liaison to discuss the necessary changes to
the work plan as needed, (i.e. scope of work, time needed for each task, amount of money needed for
tasks, etc.)
3. Compose an Amendment request using the attached template. This template includes information
required by MnDOT. A reason or justification must be provided.
4. Prior to signing the Amendment Request, send it via email to the