Free contract amendment 18Free contract amendment 18
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Revised 06/13 SC NO.: ____________

The School District of Philadelphia (“District”), located at 440 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130, and
______________________________________ (“Contractor”), located at ______________________________ as of
______________ (current date) agree to amend the Limited Contract, SC No. as above.
The School District and the Contractor amend the Contract Term by extending the last day of the Term from
_________________ to ______________________.
For additional work by the Contractor, as provided in the Limited Contract and this Amendment, the School
District agrees to pay the Contractor in arrears an additional amount (the “Additional Compensation”) not to exceed:
______________________________ Dollars ($___________), in addition to the Compensation set forth in the original
Limited Contract. The Additional Compensation accrues at the rates set forth in and in the same manner as provided in the
original L