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Student Confidentiality Statement
As a student enrolled in a Miami Dade College health care program, I am aware of
my responsibility for maintaining confidentiality of patient information that may
become available to me in the course of my studies. Such information is protected
and confidential under applicable federal and state laws (Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability Act - HIPAA) and affiliation agreements between the College and
affiliating health care agencies.
I will not copy, reveal, release, transfer, and/or transmit in hard copy and/or in any
electronic/digital format any patient information to any third party, except as
authorized by law or as authorized by the affiliating agency. I will not use any patient
identifying information, such as name or initials, on paperwork or electronic
transmissions submitted to the College in the course of my studies. I will only discuss
patient information or a patient’s medical condition at the affiliating agency in settings