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Confidentiality Statement
MercyOne has a legal and ethical duty to protect the privacy of all patients and the confidentiality of their health
information. As a result, MercyOne has policies in place to assure the confidentiality of information, whether it
is health information, business information, and/or management information (collectively defined as
“Confidential Information”). The purpose of this statement is to document your acknowledgement and
understanding of Confidential Information and MercyOne's security and confidentiality policies.
I acknowledge and understand the following:
1. I agree only to access information that is needed to do my job. I also agree only to disclose or
discuss Confidential Information, including patient information, with those who need the information
in order to do their job. I also agree not to disclose or discuss any Confidential Information outside
the workplace.
2. I understand that I am responsible for understanding and following the laws, regul