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Confidentiality and Security
The iROAR system and related information systems are committed to the security
and privacy of data in order to keep the trust of the Clemson University
community. When security or privacy is compromised, confidence in the system is
jeopardized and legal liability may be created for the University and for the
employee responsible for the compromise. By signing this form, I acknowledge
that I understand the following:
1 iROAR and related information systems cannot effectively serve the
. University when any employee loses the trust of those we serve.
2 Your access in iROAR and related information systems may have privileges
. to material and information that is designated as confidential by State or
Federal law. Access to this material is not authorization to disclose it.
3 Unauthorized release or sharing of confidential information from files,
. electronic data, notes, conversations, personal observations or knowledge as
a result