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Confidentiality Statement for Students
Health Information

, acknowledge that the institution, Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota is a

trustee of health information. As a student in clinical or non-clinical rotation or directed studies, I must act as a trustee, guarding the
confidentiality, accuracy, security, and integrity of all health information with which I am entrusted. If I violate this trust, I am subject to
immediate termination of clinical experience and possible individual civil and/or criminal liability. Upon learning of any breach of confidentiality
by any employee or student, I will immediately report it to Human Resources.
In the course of my rotation, I will only discuss health information on a “need-to-know” basis with employees and other students in
my group (if applicable); if I have any questions concerning which employees and/or students are within the scope of this circle of individuals
who have a “need-to-know,” I will ask my instructor/supervisor before ma