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Confidentiality Statement
“ Brandeis University requires its community members to observe the highest level of
confidentiality with respect to Brandeis information that they may handle about students,
colleagues, and other members of the Brandeis community” as stated in the
confidentiality section of the Brandeis University Business Conduct Policy.1
I understand that as a an employee at Brandeis University, I share in the responsibility of
safeguarding confidential information stored on Brandeis systems, including any
information determined to be confidential by relevant government regulations as listed at
the end of the Brandeis University Computer Policy. 2 This information may include, but
is not limited to, academic records; Library patron records, personal information about
students, alumni, staff, and faculty; payroll information; account passwords; and personal
network use patterns. I will ensure that personal information, such as Social Security
numbers, and bank account inform