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Confidentiality Statement
In the normal course of business, any person connected with an organization has the potential to come into contact with
confidential information. In some cases, exposure to such information is coincidental or incidental; in others it is an
integral part of the job function. This information may be personal, clinical, financial, or other. It may be computerized
(that is, in electronic form), or in hard copy, or even oral in nature.
Examples of such confidential information include, but are not limited to: medical records, employee records, financial
records and reports, information distributed to committee members to inform deliberation and decision making, and
information found accidentally. It also includes information gained through discussion in committees, from employees,
from patients and their families or friends, from external agencies, the media, or the medical staff, and so on.
It is the policy of the California State University, Bakersfield Departmen