Free Commission Agreement Template 29Free Commission Agreement Template 29Free Commission Agreement Template 29
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Sample Direct Sales Rep Commission Plan Template
Industry: Sales and Services

CellarStone, Inc.
Producers of QCommission

To properly calculate and pay for this commission plan, please contact
[email protected]

Note: this document is intended purely as a sample plan. It is not intended to provide accounting or legal advice of any
form. Please consult your accountant and lawyer prior to creating your own version of the compensation plan.

Copyright, CellarStone, Inc.

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Direct Sales Rep Compensation Agreement
Revision Date: ii

This document describes the agreement between iii
______________ _
(“Company”) and iv
(“Sales Rep”) regarding terms
related to compensation.
Company and Payee enter into this agreement whereby Payee provides services to the
Company in return for compensation specified in this agreement.

This agreement covers the period starting from v

and ends on

All commissions will be calculated and paid once every mont