Free Commission Agreement Template 06Free Commission Agreement Template 06Free Commission Agreement Template 06
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Re: Offer of Employment
Dear _________:
We are pleased to offer you employment with________________, on the
following terms and conditions:


Position: You will join our team as a
. This is a full time position. Your also agree to devote all of your
working time, and apply all of your skill, ability, and energy to the faithful
performance of such duties and responsibilities as the Company may assign
during your employment, including any goals or expectations for sales,
revenue, and productivity.

Start Date: Your employment is to begin no later than

Employment At Will: The Company is an at-will employer,
and does not guarantee employment for any specific duration. Your
employment can be terminated at any time by you or the Company, with or
without cause or prior warning. This provision concerning termination of
employment supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, and can be
amended or modified only in a formal written contract signed