Free cohabitation agreement template 09Free cohabitation agreement template 09Free cohabitation agreement template 09
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Cohabitation Agreement
This agreement is entered into on __________________________________, 20______ by and
between _______________________________________ and
_______________________________________, as follows:
1. PURPOSE. The parties to this agreement wish to live together in an unmarried state.
The parties intend to provide in this agreement for their property and other rights that
may arise because of their living together. Both parties currently own assets, and
anticipate acquiring additional assets, that they wish to continue to control, and they
are entering into this agreement to determine their respective rights and duties while
living together.
2. DISCLOSURE. The parties have revealed to each other full financial information
regarding their net worth, assets, holdings, income, and liabilities; not only by their
discussions with each other, but also through copies of their current financial
statements, copies of which are attached hereto as