Free cohabitation agreement template 03Free cohabitation agreement template 03
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Cohabitation Agreement
WHEREAS, Your Name: ________________, and Other Person's Name: ______________ , are
presently residing together and have been doing so since Beginning Date: __-__-____;
and, WHEREAS, they desire to affix their respective rights and liabilities that may result
from this joint residency;
and, WHEREAS, they each have had an opportunity to consult with separate counsel of
their own choice;
and, WHEREAS, they have completely and fully disclosed to one another their current
financial status including liabilities and assets;
they now agree:
That each party waives any claim to palimony or other claim for support resulting from
said joint residency.
That when they reside together, and by such action in no way are they to be considered as
married by the common law or otherwise shall they occupy the status of being married.
Each party shall maintain separate banking accounts, and neither party shall have the
right to the proceeds of or access to the same.
That should they p