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Letter of Claim for Injury Sample
I, Margaret McCormick, am writing to make a formal notification
that I am perusing a personal injury and loss claim against Easy
Coach Corp for a road incident that took place on June 05, 2009,
at approximately 9:32am.
One of your public coaches I was riding (License Plate: B444
W9R) partially ran a red light along Monk’s Lane, Manchester,
and then slammed on the breaks causing me to fall forward off my
seat and go shoulder first in to the seat in front of me.
Doctors have diagnosed me with a badly sprained shoulder,
which has taken me out of work unloading stock at Henley’s
Supermarket in Moorgate, Manchester.
You have three months in which to respond to this letter to inform
me of your course of action. A solicitor has been duly noted.
Without prejudice,
Mrs. Margaret McCormick