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Letter of Claim for Copyright Infringement
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am the copyright owner of the musical track “Summer’s Breeze
Tonight”, which I believe you are using illegally.
As the creator and owner of this track I have several rights under
the law, including the exclusive right to reproduce the work and
publish it online, meaning I am the only one allowed to share it on
the internet.
I believe that you are infringing on my rights by including this track
in full, as the background music to a video on the following
I so not recall having any correspondence with you about
licensing this track for your creative works.
To rectify this problem I suggest you either a) Remove the
webpage noted above, or b) Edit the video to include a different
Failure to do so within a reasonable timeframe will leave me with
no other choice but to proceed with legal action.
Adrianna Young