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Your Ref:
Our Ref:

Dear Sirs,
[Plaintiff’s full name, address, date of birth and National Insurance Number]
We are instructed by the above named to claim damages in connection with
[medical/dental/other] [please specify] treatment provided at
[insert address of
Hospital(s)/GP Surgery/Dental Surgery/other] on
[insert date or dates] under Hospital
Number [insert details, if appropriate and if known].
The facts
[Provide details, as accurately as possible from the client’s instructions/medical notes obtained
to date, of the factual scenario relating to the claim, including, in more complex claims, details
of all relevant healthcare providers involved in the patient’s care. A Chronology of Events
would be helpful and is likely to assist in narrowing the issues between the parties.]
Breach of duty
[Provide an outline, in a numbered/bullet-point fashion (where necessary), of the likely
allegations of breach of duty of care that each of the defendant(s) are likely to