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LTC John Doe
2256 Sleet Street
Minot, SD 45123
Slow Poke Van Lines
1234 Hollywood Blvd
San Diego, CA 96628
Dear Sir:
I wish to file an inconvenience claim against the carrier Slow Poke Van Lines
for out of pocket expenses my family and I incurred due to the late arrival of my
household goods shipment (HHG). The delivery of my HHG was completed on
January 18, 1999. Your firm failed to meet the required delivery date (RDD) of
January 7, 1999.
My household goods shipment was picked up on December 18, 1998 from
my residence in Fredericksburg, VA under GBL YP-123456. I planned a direct
delivery to Minot, SD and was ready for delivery any day prior to the RDD. The
RDD was missed by 11 days.
I stayed in a hotel for several days at my own expense prior to the RDD
waiting for my HHG to be offered for delivery. I had to extend my stay in the
hotel when my HHG did not arrive.
 11 days in a hotel ($40.00 per day) X 11
 Meals for 11 days (wife and 3 children)