Free claim letter  03
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Sample Complaint Letter

(Your Address)
(Your City, State, Zip Code)

C describe purchase
C name of product,

(Name of Contact Person, if available)
(Title, if available)
(Company Name)
(Consumer Complaint Division, if you have no contact person)
(Street Address)
(City, State, Zip Code)
Dear (Contact Person):
Re: (account number, if applicable)
On (date), I (bought, leased, rented, or had repaired) a (name of the product with serial number

serial numbers

C include date and
place of purchase

C state problem
C give history
C ask for specific action
C enclose copies of

C allow time for action
C state how you
can be reached

or model number or service performed) at (location, date, and other important details of the
Unfortunately, your product (or service) has not performed well (or the service was inadequate)
because (state the problem). I am disappointed because (explain the problem: for example, the product does
not work properly, the service was not p