Free child support agreement 05Free child support agreement 05Free child support agreement 05
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Sample Parenting Agreement Between Mother and Father
Who Are Both Biological Parents
(mother) and

(father), desiring individually and

cooperatively to bring forth and love a child within the context of a loving and diverse
community and according to the values they hold in relation to spiritual, cultural, and
political matters, hereby enter into the following agreement. It is the mother and father’s
intention to share in the physical, emotional, and financial support of the child. The
process that led to this agreement has been a considered and conscious one.
A. Child’s Residence
1. We intend for the child to have a strong emotional bond with both parents. The
child shall reside with the mother and father as stated below, with the goal of fostering a
strong relationship with both parents. The mother and father both acknowledge that each
has a strong commitment to the child being reared in with the help of other adults, and
furthermore, both parents intend to foster and support these