Free character witness letter 38Free character witness letter 38Free character witness letter 38
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IHWO Writing Portfolio - Level 6 Upper Intermediate
Character Reference

Learners write a positive description of a friend to a potential employer.


Applying for a new job W

riting Sub-skill:

Phrasing things positively

Language Focus:

Describing character


Sample character reference letter
Character profiles

Pre-Task Time:

25 mins

Post-Task Time:

15 mins


Being tactful is a useful skill (as, it could be argued, is bare-faced lying) and this task
aims to develop learners’ abilities to phrase negative things in a positive way. Before
writing their own reference, learners look at an example and discuss how it manages
to recommend a fairly unlikeable character convincingly.

Pre-Task Procedure:
1 Ask learners if they have ever had to write/request a character reference about/from a friend. Was it ea
sy to write? If not, elicit when a character reference might be requested and whether learners would ask fo
r character references for new staff if th