Free character witness letter 30Free character witness letter 30
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Dear Judge Mattison.
I am shaken by how difficult this letter is for me to write. I was told that you may need it
to better understand my little brother. I wish there was an ideal place to begin. But where
does one start when a loved one's life is laid across someone else's table?
What keeps me believing in him and loving him is the fact that he is a good person that
came from a good home. I feel silly writing that, because it seems so contradictory,
looking at what actually took place. However, it's the truth, and it keeps me alive. I wish
more than anything that you, the man who decides his fate, could know him like I do. So
a little bit of the Kip Kinkel that I know is where I will begin.
Growing up with him was very average. I was the typical big sister, and he seemed like
every other little brother I had ever had any contact with. only with hindsight do I truly see
the signs of someone who was in desperate need of help, different help than any of us
knew how to give.
Kip was a ver