Free character witness letter 31
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The Honorable Judge (name)
Re: Person's Full Name
I am writing on behalf of (name), whom I have known for about ten years, first as a coworker and
later as a friend.
(name) is a man of few words, as you are likely to discover for yourself during his court hearing.
However, there is no better role model in our workplace than him; not necessarily by words which
can be meaningless when the rubber meets the road, but by deed.
An example of this is a recent incident where a customer lost a purse containing more than
$1,000.00 cash while visiting our facility. (name) found the purse, called the person who lost it (her
identification and contact information was in the purse) and arranged for her to pick it up at her
The alternative was that he could have simply kept the cash and discarded the purse…and while
$1,000.00 may not sound like a lot of money it arguably is to someone who earns minimum wage.
This is just one of the many ways that (name) carries himself every day t