Free character witness letter 32
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Presiding Judge
Court of ___________

Your Honor,
My name is [Name], __ years old living in [Address], a/an [Profession]. I am writing on behalf of [Name of
the Person Charged]. [Name of Person Charged] and I have been friends for [N] years and during this
time, I have known him/her to be a responsible person of good character. In general, Mr./Ms. ________
is a dedicated son/daughter. As a reliable member of the community, the charges against him/her are
quite unexpected.
Mr./Ms. ___________ confessed to me of the behavior he/she exhibited and expressed great remorse
and a desire to address his/her personal issues. As his/her friend, I am aware of the personal issues that
he/she has and that must have taken a toll on him/her which led to the offense. I believe that Mr./Ms.
has every intention to improve since the incident and has already attended therapy sessions. Ever since
I’ve known him/her, he/she always had a strong will for self-improvement. Regardless of the challenges