Free character witness letter 20Free character witness letter 20Free character witness letter 20
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Mr. John Doe
Any Street USA
Anytown, USA
000000 Dear Mr. Doe:
The Subcommittee on /Committee on Resources will hold a hearing on [insert
subject matter or bill number with title] on [date], at [time] in [place]. I cordially
invite you (or your representative) to testify at this hearing.
This hearing will focus on [insert subject matter of hearing in greater detail or
provide greater detail about the bill; if hearing is on bill, indicate that a copy of the bill
is enclosed] You/your organization/the agency has had a significant experience with
this subject matter and information regarding your experience would be most helpful
to the Committee. Please read this letter carefully to ensure that you comply with all
hearing requirements and that you understand your rights as a witness.
Under Committee Rule 4(b) [Committee on Resources rule reference], each
witness who is to appear before a Subcommittee of the Committee on