Free character witness letter 23Free character witness letter 23
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Dear Judge Burnham,
Introducing Yourself
Begin the first paragraph with your name and profession. Let the judge know
who you are writing the character witness statement for. You should also
indicate that you know the type of charges that the defendant has committed.
By letting the judge know that you are aware of the charges committed by the
defendant, it shows that you are still willing to write a good character witness
statement for them.
History With The Defendant
The second paragraph should indicate your history with the defendant. Begin by
telling the judge when you first met the defendant and how long you have
known them. This establishes your history and relationship. Continue the
statement by listing examples of any good deeds that the defendant has
completed in the past. These could be items such as volunteering for the
community, working with charitable organizations or coaching young adults. Be
sure to include names of organizations as well as any other activities whe