Free Cease and Desist Template 28
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[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Address of Alleged Infringer]
Dear [Infringer],
It has recently come to my attention that you have used my work entitled [name of work]
(“my Work”) in [describe the unauthorized use]. I created my Work in [month and year] and I
reserve all rights in my Work.
[Include the following if applicable: My Work was first published in [month and year] by
[name of publisher] in [place it was published]. I registered my Work with the U.S. Copyright
Office on [date]; the registration number is [registration number]. Please note the copyright
notice in my name on the enclosed photocopy of my Work.]
Your work, [name of infringing work or description of infringing work], clearly uses my
Work as its basis. [Describe how the infringing work used your work. For example, “My
painting was used as the background for your work, a flyer promoting your nightclub.”] I never
authorized you to use my Work, so your use of my Work infrin