Free Cease and Desist Template 23
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Model Cease and Desist Letter*
Re: Unauthorized Use of ---------------------------------------Dear __________
I recently became aware that [insert name of company] is selling [e.g., verbatim copies
of power points I have created and use; copies of my lecture notes, a recording of my lectures] for
[enter course name/title]. I am the instructor for that course and the author of [insert the
description of the materials being infringed]. I am writing to direct you immediately to cease and
desist from reproducing and distributing my [insert description of materials].
I am the sole owner of copyright in [description of materials]. As the sole owner of
copyright, I hold the exclusive right to reproduce, modify, post, and distribute those materials and
to grant others permission to exercise one or more of those rights. I have not authorized [insert
name of entity receiving the letter] to reproduce, modify or distribute any of my materials in
whole or in part.
Accordingly, [name of