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Sample Copyright Cease and Desist Letter

Dear Sir

We are the proprietors of all copyright in a literary/artistic/musical work entitled
____________________________(The "Work"). We have reserved all rights in the Work, which
was first expressed in material form on ____________________________20_______.
It has come to our attention that your work entitled _____________________________ is
identical/substantially similar to our copyrighted Work. Permission was neither asked nor
granted to reproduce our Work and your Work therefore constitutes infringement of our rights.
In terms of the Copyright Statutes, we are entitled to an injunction against your continued
infringement, as well as to recover damages from you for the loss we have suffered as a result
of your infringing conduct.
In the circumstances, we demand that you immediately:

1. remove all infringing content and notify us in writing that you have done so;
2. credit all infringing content