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How to Brief a Case
1) Procedural Posture. Succinctly stating the procedural posture of the case as it
comes before the court writing the opinion is a key lawyering skill, because the
procedural posture determines precisely what is being decided. You’ll need to state the
procedural posture in order to orient the judge to what’s at stake, whenever you argue a
case before a court. You’ll also need to be able to state the procedural posture when
presenting a case to colleagues for discussion.
2) Rule Choice. One of the key skills for law students, and lawyers, is making
arguments from precedent concerning how the law should apply to a new fact situation,
or how the law should evolve to fit changing circumstances. You will be able to do that
only if you understand that the law is not fixed, but is constantly changing, and if you pay
close attention to factual nuances. One step in learning to argue from precedent is seeing
that the court often is choosing between different options for inter