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Case Brief Template


Relevant Facts

- Answer the following questions: Who
are the parties to the lawsuit, what is their
dispute, and how did they get to the
Supreme Court?
- What is the basic legal question
regarding what specific provision of law
that is to be decided in the case?
 - What is the majority vote? Who was


Name the case

the vote in favor of?
Analysis/Rationale of the Court

- Explain the rational/reasoning behind
the court’s decision.What is the majority’s
explanation why it reached its holding?
 - What court cases influenced the
court’s decision and set a precedent
for this case? Mention a court case

the judges used to make their
decision and explain how it
influenced their decision.

What was the dissenting opinion if
there was one?


- What rule of law is announced in the
case? (What did this court case