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A: Sample Case Brief Assignment
Title and Citation: List the name of the case, the citation listed in text, and the year.
Procedural History: Briefly describe the history of the case by stating the state in which
the case originated, the appellate court to which the appeal was sent, any subsequent
appellate courts, and end with the court from which the opinion in the text is taken.
Summary of Facts: The facts are usually distilled by the appellate court and then
shortened by the text author. In this section, you need to present the relevant facts
necessary to understand the “story line” and pertinent to the issue(s) raised. Make sure
that you write it in such a way that not only you understand it, but that someone reading it
without knowledge of the case can understand the case enough to discuss the issues. This
can be difficult as everything seems important, although it is not all relevant. You should
strive to put it in your own words.
Issues: The case will usually explicitly state t