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Sample Case Brief
The following is a sample case that is commonly used
in Contracts Cases to illustrate the idea of a "legal
duty." Each element is identified.
Parties: These are the primary
RESPONDENT, v. THERESA D. parties. Generally the case will be
referred to only by the last names
of the parties. E.g. Gray v.
Supreme Court of New Jersey
91 N.J.L. 462; 103 A. 24
February 2, 1918, Decided

MINTURN, J. The plaintiff
Facts of the case: What
occupied the position of a special happened that brought these
police officer, in Atlantic City, and parties to court?
incidentally was identified with the
work of the prosecutor of the pleas
of the county. He possessed
knowledge concerning the theft of
certain diamonds and jewelry from
the possession of the defendant,
who had advertised a reward for
the recovery of the property. In this
situation he claims to have entered
into a verbal contract with
defendant, whereby she agreed to
pay him $50